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Review : Auctions Plugin introduced by Sitemile is a best WordPress Auction tool that works with any WordPress theme easily. The Auctions WordPress Plugin was made with multiple niches in mind, hence you can install it on your WordPress blog or website and start a professional freelance website, product auction tool or auction website for any other niche. What makes it unique is that you can have a powerful auction system on your website with-in 1 minute, that means only single plugin can turn a regular WordPress blog into a fully auction based website. Moreover this plugin brings custom auction post, bidding and other necessary features so there will not be any requirement to use external plugins. While taking advantage of auction features you can also enjoy WordPress default widgets, post formats without any disturbance.


Auctions WordPress Plugin Features Review

Credit Options : The platform provides different types of credit so that user can place bid, make auctions listing for various deals. The members will be asked to register to get an active profile, and it’s compulsory to continue different tasks on the auction site. Sitemile Auctions Plugin has a powerful credit system that allows members to post fresh actions or bid on the listed items. There is a special control panel available so that you can control all user’s credit from the control panel. User can purchase credit by paying through paypal as required, the options panel let’s you set cost for single credit (e.g. 1$ = 1 credit). Hence this way payment exchange system becomes fully secured for auction website owner and members too. The collected credit can be cashed any time against real amount, by placing withdrawal request on the website.


Currency and Payment Options : The currency has become big factor for every auction and eCommerce related website, in this case it can be good advantage if your platform supports multiple currencies. The Auctions WordPress Plugin of Sitemile let’s you deal among 5 best currencies ( GBP, , CAD, AUD, EUR, USD ) with a assurance that most of the people would be able to deal using given currency choices. There are two payment options which can be either free or paid for auctions listings, many auctions website allow free posting and then charge percentage for the successful deals. Some WordPress Auctions portals charges for every auctions posting, so it will be your own choice which strategy you want to use. Free auctions is mostly used for new websites to increase members, additionally it is also possible to charges users for featured listings, or sell banner space on sidebar.


Auctions Post Options : Sitemile Auctions Plugin for WordPress let’s you add everything with the help of auctions post, this way you can finish listing new auctions in very little time. Ready posts are provided with necessary options so user don’t have to manually go through every task, the default options like expiration date, set as featured, description box, gallery / image upload options, price box etc. are common elements of Auctions post. Moreover, regular blog post format will be still available in the same traditional form, this way different post types will not create conflicts in blog / auction functionality.


Rating System and Amazing Compatibility : WordPress Auctions Plugin has a user friendly rating system so that every user can rate for different auctions available on the website. The rating system creates best engagement among new customers coming on the website and also improves the selling, especially when there is a big rating for particular auction listing. Thanks to Sitemile for offering built-in rating system that works smoothly, and this way you won’t have to depend on external plugins to add rating system. Compatibility comes in top factors when you are expecting good traffic and success, Auctions Plugin is responsive and widely supported on all types of mobile instruments, browsers and this is what makes is a “Sound Platform”.

WordPress Auctions Plugin has been sold to various people who are running a successful Auctions website on WordPress CMS, most of them are not aware of programming still they are successfully managing their platform and earning good cash. The ready control panel tools given by this plugin makes everything work properly, just install, activate and run it (Plug and Play). Auctions Plugin discount coupon code from Sitemile is always listed at the bottom of this review article whenever it is available so don’t check for deals / offers / coupon codes if you are planning to buy it.


Sitemile Auctions Plugin Features Overview :

  • Buy credit using PayPal
  • Advanced credit panel to control user’s credit
  • Credit system which provides users to bid or make auctions
  • Email notifications : Intimates users when auctions is about to end
  • WordPress multi user supported : WP Mu compatible, WP 3.5+ support
  • WordPress options page for website customization : Color, Layouts, Menus, Logo, Homepage
  • Plug and Play : Just copy, activate and run it
  • Current Support : GBP, CAD, USD, EUR, AUD
  • PayPal adaptive payment support
  • Google Maps : Show auctions location
  • Featured auctions : Add featured auctions with single click
  • Rating system supported by advanced options
  • Unlimited support : Update and Lifetime access

Price Details :
Single User : $49.99
Developer License : $99.99
Club License : $199.99

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