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Review : Pricerr Theme from Sitemile is the best ever WordPress theme developed for micro-jobs site like Fiverr. Pricerr WordPress theme is also known as best fiverr clone as it is developed from the same concept and improved look and features. The theme was inspired from the increasing demand for small auctions website where everything is given at a fixed prices. This way service providers can post their services in low and fixed prices and people having need for the similar service provider can purchase it to get their work easily done. If you want to start a single niche micro-job site for “SEO” then all people who offers Search engine optimization services will get options to register as a member on your site and create micro jobs to sell on your platform, this type of user is known as seller.

Sitemile Pricerr WordPress Theme also offers another user type known as “Buyer”, this user is one who is searching for best job or service provider. The platform gives you search module so that any one having requirement to find particular type of service provider can find it easily. Suppose you have micro job site with dynamic services where people can sell all types of services, and a user with happen to come on the site who can post bookmark on social sites. He will simply add “Social bookmarking” word on search box and built-in job search engine will bring all “Bookmarking” service provider on the screen with featured display (price, image, details). This was about working mechanism of the theme let’s discuss what feature it has to offer and how it can be useful.

With the support of sitemile framework, Sitemile Pricerr WordPress Theme more powerful so that even a novice having small WordPress customization knowledge can also handle his small jobs market place. You can get this micro job template at lower price than competitors, hence there are many developers who even sells their templates at very lower price but over there you can not except quality, security or customer support.

SiteMile Pricerr Features Review :

Post for Micro Jobs : With Pricerr WordPress Theme from Sitemile you will receive benefit of custom post type so that user can post plenty of jobs quickly with tags, price, photo, categories and mark them as featured to highlight at front-page. The theme also has custom pages available so that you can present jobs by different taxonomies (location, category). From the personal profile page offered by this theme, user can view all posted jobs, expired jobs, active jobs etc.

Full Job Control : After all sellers are the main users who sells jobs and earn revenue for you and themselves. Hence for that reason Sitemile Pricerr WordPRess theme offers full control to the sellers to edit current jobs, add new jobs, repost expired jobs, activate pending jobs. There is a sales control panel where seller can view active jobs and closed jobs which are completed. They will get dynamic dashboard to track their revenues, put request to withdraw earnings and finally there is a a private message feature to easily talk with buyers.

Email Notification templates : This is perhaps most respected feature of Pricerr WordPress Theme where automated email notification is sent to the user upon different activities like posting a job, closing a job and all important events. The theme admin page offers you templates for all the tasks which can be modified with custom messages and they can be also translated automatically to any local or international language.

Social sites login support : The Pricerr WordPress theme uses registration system where either user can register by using given user registration form. The new social media based registration trend is also available, with the support of Facebook and twitter user can login to your system and perform various activity. Once you add twitter details them theme will display twitter sharing buttons on all micro jobs listing to share your jobs with other people.


All Features : Pricerr WordPress Theme

  • Payment Gateways : PayPal, Moneybookers, Skrill, Payza, AlterPay,
  • Seller total control to edit or change job details
  • Automated email notification system
  • Facebook login support, like job, share jobs on Facebook
  • Twitter share button displayed on posts on website
  • Bitcoins payment gateway support (provided with extra developer license)
  • Blog support available to post traditional posts for notifications or news
  • Multiple currency support (All best currencies supported) USd, JPY, NZM, AUD, EUR
  • Menu above the header section
  • Header bar with Logo and Search module
  • Display custom image, message with button on homepage
  • Four grid columns to add best popular featured categories link with images (Events, Electronics, Travel)
  • Common job highlight section to display all latest posts
  • Display widgets for categories, social links, Links on footer
  • Start rating feature included
  • Feedback option available
  • Related jobs displayed

Price Details :
Single User : $69.99
Mixed License : $99.99
Developer License : $149.99
Extra Developer License : $199.99
Club Full Package : $279.00

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