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Review : AppThemes have released Quality Control theme with a goal to transform your WordPress into powerful and professional ticketing system. Quality Control WordPress theme will work as your assistant to keep track on all project development going on in business. The feature-rich WP theme will gives you options to generate tickets within minutes. Apart from creating tickets you can also assign comments, status, milestone to display progress and more. On the other hand you can also create single or multiple projects with different user groups to define certain permissions as per their designations. The theme is fully featured and flexible, that’s the only reason why this theme comes first when it comes to develop a WordPress based ticketing system.

Quality Control Review

Smartly Integration with Git and SVN : Quality Control theme supports two best cloud repositories known as GitHub and BeanStalk. They both are configured and comes as a built-in support, and you will benefit from it’s best performance. Every change-sets will be automatically linked and updated to the relevant ticket so that proper visibility can be achieved in the code check in process. Performance oriented ticketing systems are always in greater demand to archive best result while working, and therefore it is taken care and added in this premium ticketing theme.

Share Multimedia Images or Important Documents : AppThemes Quality Control theme gives you an option to upload files or attachments to single location so that when you create ticket you can use them easily. This way if you need to use same attachment again for other tickets you will not be roaming around to search for them into emails or PC. Simply go to attachment library and insert them, it will save time and hard-work for invested in search task.

Create Self-Hosted System : The cloud ticketing system is also great but it also has some drawbacks. For that reason Quality Control theme has self hosted in-house ticketing system for those people who might want to prefer to go that way. First of all you will get advantage of SEO juice which as diverted to cloud system and another benefit you will get is 100% reliability with excellent performance. This feature is the latest integration in ticketing theme, no other WP theme developer provides this system except AppThemes.

Custom User Registration System : Quality Control WordPress Theme gives you ability to create infinite user account using ready options page. Whether you are a big corporate firm or small service agency, this script is suitable ticket tracking solution for all your needs. With all user you can define permissions to each user on project base or set it open to public.

Milestones to Set Visible Goals : Quality Control theme allows you to define different project goals by grouping together all tickets. This way you will get useful support to reach schedule release dates. Milestone page will keep all tickets for individual project on single place so that administrator can view the responsible user for each tickets. Moreover you can also see current status or pending work for different tickets.


Quality Control Theme Features :

  • Easy ticket collaboration using messages
  • Change priority of tickets
  • Change ticket properties if needed
  • Self hosted system to secure and control data
  • Save fees by creating personal hosting system
  • Create XML file to export data when you need to move
  • AppThemes API for customization : Useful for developers
  • Updates and new features offered free
  • Adjustable on Tablet, Mobiles screen resolutions
  • Creative header to display company Logo
  • Ticket type in colorful highlighter box
  • Recent ticket widget
  • Search widget on top
  • Recent comments widget

Price Plan :
Standard License – $99
Developers License – $159 (with PSD)

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