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Review : Ideas by AppThemes is a customer feedback WordPress theme made with a goal to improve productivity. With the support of this premium  feedback application / software you can gather valuable feedback and opinions from your customers. This, way you can implement those ideas into your product or service development and come-up with a 100% accurate product. The goal of ideas theme is to connect you with clients in transparent way to exchange ideas with proper communication. AppThemes use admin panel and setup process is very user friendly so you should have no trouble while setting up the theme or customizing website.

Why Ideas WordPress Theme ?

The reason for recommending on Ideas Theme despite having other themes available in the market is that, you can expect high quality theme and better support from AppThemes. We all know that there are free, cheap and costly WordPress themes / software are available in the market. But when it comes to choose right product our main preference should be Quality, Support and then Price. With Ideas WordPress Theme it is easy to add feedback engine and setup required categories, set priority based on votes and finally go for the right idea for implementation.


Ideas Review : Some Key Features by AppThemes

Moderate Ideas Submission : Now this feature is given to provide you control of checking ideas that are submitted by users. If you think you should have a look at idea before you let any one to submit idea on your feedback website then this is the right tool which gives you full control over submission. The moderation option comes with enable/disable options so you can either keep it on or off as needed. The controls are available on the Ideas setting page and this is the main area from where all website related settings are found.


Customized Back-end Listings : The custom design for back-end will only show you listings of ideas and users with only necessary information. There are extra columns made available to display category status, total submitted ideas, votes count, votes left and more. Custom back-end design provides you more flexibility and control to view the status of different users and categories registered on your feedback portal, thanks to AppThemes for providing custom back-end.


Ajax and jQuery Support : The Ideas WordPress Theme brings some magic features powered with special Ajax and jQuery coding. The features provided with these special coding will not take any page load or page refresh upon when certain event is occurred. For e.g. When user gives Vote to particular idea then instantly that idea will increase / decrease votes count without reloading the whole page. Just access AppThemes Ideas demo and vote up or down to see total votes updating instantly on the screen.


Sort and Filter Options : On the homepage screen of demo you can see a sort and filter options, the ideas can be sorted based on Votes, Responses, Latest etc. So whatever filter button you would choose will sort and display ideas based on highest number. For e.g. if you select “Response” as your filter term then it will display those ideas (Top to Bottom) with maximum reposes on the top. This was about front-end area now if we talk about back-end then Administrators can sort ideas listings with extra terms like Date, Category, Author, Status etc. A special customizable widget is provided which permits you to filter ideas based upon category.

Widgets Kingdom : The Ideas WordPress Theme has a big section for widgets which not only provides you standard WP widgets but also consist of custom widgets powered by AppThemes. Those widgets are recent ideas, recent comments, idea voters, popular ideas and many more. Having a customer feedback website with sidebar populated with these widgets may give your visitors more chances to interact with different sections.


Ideas Theme Review : Conclusion

From what we reviewed above it is much more clear that AppThemes have implemented user profile section, admin control panel, front-end / back-end options, front-end idea submission form, Voting system and many other facilities to create fully controllable and flexible Customer feedback portal with WordPress CMS. If you are in search of best customer feedback theme or software then you should not go anywhere and just choose this theme for your next move.


Ideas Theme Features :

  • Custom email notifications
  • Threaded comments for user discussion
  • Add infinite categories and status
  • Full user profile : Shows all voting details (Casted, Received)
  • Ajax voting buttons : Thumb up and down icons
  • Front-end and Back-end Idea Sort and filter options
  • Filter ideas by Votes, Categories, Responses and more
  • Best typography and eye catchy titles : Big font vote counts, Bold titles
  • Large call to action Button : Submit Your Idea (Top Right widget – sidebar)
  • Round shaped pagination buttons
  • Footer multiple widget columns

Price Plan :
Standard License – $99
Developers License – $159 (with PSD)

AppThemes Ideas Theme Detail Page & Demo

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